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Conditional Use Permit - Automobile Sales - 650 Ottawa Ave N (2 of 2)
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Conditional Use Permit - Automobile Sales - 650 Ottawa Ave N
Tom Meyer, of Landform, on behalf of Drake Motor Partners GV LLC, is proposing to demolish the existing building and to construct a 50,000 square foot electric automobile dealership.
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1. Conditional Use Permit - 650 Ottawa ( 0.58 MB )
2. CUP Narrative ( 5.07 MB )
3. Selected pages from Civil-Landscape plans ( 5.7 MB )
5. ELEVATIONS ( 2.19 MB )
6. FINAL Golden Valley - Car Dealership Traffic Study ( 4.38 MB )
Conditional Use Permit
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
The City shall determine the suitability of certain uses with characteristics which may be appropriate within a given zoning district but which might have an unusual impact upon surrounding properties or which might otherwise adversely affect the future development of the City or the general public health, welfare, or safety of the property or residents therein.

The Planning Commission shall make findings and recommendations based upon any or all of the following factors (which need not be weighed equally):
  • Demonstrated need for the proposed use.
  • Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan of the City.
  • Effect upon property values in the neighboring area.
  • Effect of any anticipated traffic generation upon the current traffic flow and congestion in the area.
  • Effect of any increases in population and density upon surrounding land uses.
  • Compliance with the City's Mixed-Income Housing Policy (if applicable).
  • Increase in noise levels to be caused by the proposed use.
  • Any odors, dust, smoke, gas, or vibration to be caused by the proposed use.
  • Any increase in pests, including flies, rats, or other animals or vermin in the area to be caused by the proposed use.
  • Visual appearance of any proposed structure or use.
  • Any other effect upon the general public health, safety, and welfare of the City and its residents.
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