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Unity Christ Church - 4000 and 4100 Golden Valley Road (3 of 3)
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Unity Christ Church - 4000 and 4100 Golden Valley Road
Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Future Land Use Map) and Zoning Map Amendment for 4100 Golden Valley Road; consideration of a Preliminary Plat for 4000 and 4100 Golden Valley Road
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Standards for Land Use, Zoning, and Platting Decisions
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
The City Code does not set specific standards for changing a land use or zoning designation, and the City Council – with the input of the Planning Commission – has a great deal of latitude in deciding if the request is consistent with the overall direction and vision of the Comprehensive Plan. In making a determination, the City should take into account the land use and zoning descriptions outlined in the Comp Plan as well as any potential impacts on the character of the area.

Minor platting actions are governed by the following factors/findings:
1. A minor platting action shall be denied if the proposed lots do not meet the minimum area and dimensional requirements for the Zoning District in which they are located, or if vehicular access is not provided from an abutting improved street. 
2. A minor platting action may be denied upon the City’s determination that a resulting new lot is encumbered by steep slopes or excessive wetness. 
3. A minor platting action may be denied if sewer and water connections are not directly accessible by each proposed lot. 
4. Approval shall be conditioned on the granting of easements for necessary public purposes. 
5. Approval may be conditioned on the requirements of outside public agencies with jurisdiction. 
6. Approval shall be conditioned on the resolution of any title issues raised by the City Attorney. 
7. Minor platting actions of nonresidential parcels may be denied if new development will cause undo strain on adjacent roads or on public utilities or will adversely affect adjacent uses. 
8. Approval shall be conditioned on the payment of a park dedication fee, sewer and water access charge, and pending or levied deferred assessments. 
9. The conditions spelled out shall provide the only basis for denial of a minor platting action. Approval will be granted to any application that meets the established conditions. 
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