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PUD Amendment - McDonald's PUD No. 58 - 730 Winnetka Ave N (1 of 2)
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PUD Amendment - McDonald's PUD No. 58 - 730 Winnetka Ave N
Kevin Shay of Landform, on behalf of Kurtis DeMarse for McDonald's USA, is requesting to amend the existing Planned Unit Development (PUD) in order to remodel the exterior fa├žades of the building and to add a second queuing lane for drive-thru service. Additional pedestrian improvements would be included.
Staff Presentation


1. PUD58 - McDonalds Amendment 2 ( 0.67 MB )
2. Major PUD Amendment Narrative ( 5.05 MB )
3. Civil Plans ( 3.52 MB )
4. Existing and Proposed Building Elevations ( 2.07 MB )
5. Building Elevations with Material Percentages ( 1.18 MB )
Major PUD Amendment
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Approval of a preliminary or final PUD plan, or a PUD amendment, requires the following findings be made by the City:
  • Quality Site Planning. The PUD plan is tailored to the specific characteristics of the site and achieves a higher quality of site planning and design than generally expected under conventional provisions of this chapter.
  • Preservation. The PUD plan preserves and protects substantial desirable portions of the site's characteristics, open space and sensitive environmental features including steep slopes, trees, scenic views, creeks, wetlands and open waters.
  • Efficient; Effective. The PUD plan includes efficient and effective use (which includes preservation) of the land.
  • Consistency. The PUD plan results in development that is compatible with adjacent uses and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and redevelopment plans and goals.
  • General Health. The PUD plan is consistent with preserving and improving the general health, safety and general welfare of the people of the City.
  • Meets Requirements. The PUD plan meets the intent and purpose provisions of Section 113-123 (a) of the City Code and all other provisions of Section 113-123 (c).
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